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BusinessTechnologyJanuary 11, 2018by Datatech Solutions25 Costly Web Design Mistakes That Never Let Businesses Thrive

5 Costly Web Design Mistakes That Never Let Businesses Thrive

Creating a website is no more a hassle these days; however, it is one of the essential elements that you never need to miss. By building a website, you can easily connect and target a wide range of audiences and bring more revenue. Even the modern content management system like WordPress enables you to build your site without being any tech-savvy.

However, as a newcomer in the digital market, it can be a tough task for you to compete with others. This is because most of the time, people get confused with their website designs and strategy. The poor website design becomes the main issue behind the increased bounce rates. So what to do?

This is all because of the costly web design mistakes that never assist you in increasing your conversion rates. Thus, it becomes essential for you to avoid web design mistakes at all costs. But what are the web design mistakes that never let businesses thrive? Let’s continue reading this blog to find it out.

Top Costly Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

Designing a website seems to be a simple task, especially when you are using CMS platforms. It becomes easy for you to select any theme, design, and launch your site online. But most of the time, the simplest tasks become the most complicated ones, especially when you aren’t aware of them.

This is because you never know whether the design you selected is right for your audience or not? Does it appeal to your visitors? Is it eye-catchy? And plenty of unanswered questions are there for a first-time site owner. But don’t worry; you can easily avoid it by knowing 2022’s top costly web design mistakes. So let’s get started.

1.    Mobile Friendliness

Gone are the days when people browse the internet through their desktops and laptops. Now, most of the visitors on your site use mobile or tablets to access your site. Therefore, it has become essential now to get a mobile-friendly site that can let your visitors browse easily. This is one of the biggest web design mistakes you need to avoid in order to make your business thrive online.

2.    Color Theme

The color theme of your site is one of the most vital elements that can make or break your business. Not every color theme fits with your business or product niche. Therefore, you must need to select the color that appeals to your audience and let your site get more visitors easily.

You need to research your competitors to find out the color theme they are using. Moreover, understand the contrasting color to ensure that your site never loses its charm.

3.    Home Page Design

The home page, also called a landing page, is used to create a positive impression on your visitors. Therefore, your home page design must need to appeal your users. Here, one of the common mistake people make is the lack of proper placement of CTA. You must need to ensure that all the CTA are rightly placed, with the quality content that engages your visitors.

4.    HTTPS

Although HTTPS isn’t a website design, but affects your site’s conversion rate and increases vulnerabilities to get hacked. Therefore, HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS needs to be present to keep your site secure from hackers or third-party intruders. You must need to get an SSL certification to make your site secure. This will help you to win the trust of your visitors and secure sensitive data easily.

5.    Site Speed

Speed is one of the biggest concerns of modern-day internet users. Nowadays, now one waits for your site to load. Therefore, it becomes vital for you to ensure that your site is easy to load. You need to make sure that your site loading time is not more than 30 seconds. This is one of the costly mistakes that you need to avoid to thrive in the digital market.


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